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About Local District 7

Local District 7 is located in the heart of South Central Los Angeles, California. The local district consists of four family of schools complexes that make articulation and matriculation conversations a natural occurrence. These family of schools are known as Foshay Learning Center, King-Drew Medical Magnet, Fremont High School and Jordan High School.  It is also the home of the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center. The ongoing goal for Local District 7 is to strive towards excellence in education through partnership and communication with teachers, staff, parents, the community, businesses and most importantly, the children we serve daily.  We are a Professional Learning Community focused local district where we define our purpose by ensuring all students learn, rather than ensuring that all students are taught. We encourage parent leadership and participation.  As a community we are driven by standards-based instructional practices, continuous evaluation of staff, and progress monitoring. We strive to consistently build relationships with community, parents, staff and students, to aid in effectively incorporating strategies to support all learners. These access strategies, School-Wide Positive Behavior Support, alternative to suspensions and the effort in reducing suspensions, absences and tardies through effective social and instructional practices define who we are.  There are four health hotspots in Local District 7 and those areas are being addressed by building or redeveloping full service Community Wellness Centers that will include career paths for our high school students. The geographic areas for these wellness centers are the Manual Arts community, the Fremont community, the Locke community and the Jordan community. Our goal is for “Every student to perform at or above grade level in order to be College-Prepared and Career Ready”. To do this we strive to have healthy, well educated, and well-rounded students.


Early Childhood Education
Local District 7 offers full day Early Education Centers, full day and part day California State Preschools, Preschool Special Education Services, Early Head Start (Infant), Head Start, Los Angeles Universal Preschool and Ready for School Programs.  All Early Education programs provide preschool students with readiness skills that are developmentally appropriate and will prepare them for success in kindergarten.  The early education programs, of which we are the largest in the district, focus on developing students socially, cognitively, physically and academically.


Elementary Schools
Elementary schools in Local District 7 offer outstanding curriculum and instruction, before and after school childcare and tutoring. LD7 offers Dual Language Programs (also known as two-way immersion programs) in some schools, where English learners acquire English as a second language and English speakers acquire Spanish as a second language, developing academic proficiency in both languages.  A number of elementary schools are a part of the Transformational Schools Program (formerly known as the Tens Schools Program), providing an instructional program and an organizational design that is language intensive and that is focused on reversing the pattern of poor academic achievement of African-American and other students in predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian and other non-Anglo (PHBAO) schools.  This will be accomplished through on-going, coordinated, relevant staff development leading to quality instruction for all students.  Local District 7 elementary schools have partnerships with Leonard Bernstein through the Leonard Bernstein Grant Units, Toyota Parent Training Programs, Mattel Toys Incorporated, and varying other programs such as School Site Computer Labs, the Academic English Mastery Program, City of LA Safety Program, Elementary Arts Program(A rigorous standards-based Arts Education), Gifted and Talented Programs, Healthy Start Programs, Choral and Instrumental Music Programs, LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) Program, LA’s Best Afterschool Enrichment Program, LAUSD Beyond the Bell Program (a tutorial and recreational program), the Wonder of Reading Libraries, as well as Pearson Learning Teams. 


Secondary Schools
Middle, High, and continuation schools in Local District 7 offer programs to meet the varying needs of all students. Through programs such as LAUSD Beyond the Bell, student leadership classes, International Baccalaureate Programs and Global Studies Opportunities, Robotics Programs, Schools for Advanced Studies, AVID (Advancement Via Individualized Determination – a college-readiness system), MESA-USC Viterbi School of Engineering, IMaST/ETT (An integrating of mathematics and science through technology projects) Grants, Academic Decathlon, Journalism (School Newspapers), LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) Program, Gifted and Talented Education Programs, Advanced Placement Courses, Intervention Classes, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Room 13 Project, Special Interest Clubs, Boys and Girls Athletics, much is offered for students to be engaged in learning and development of social, interpersonal and academic skills. 

For one of our family of schools complex, the Fremont Family located in a challenging area, we have the unique opportunity to reconfigure the middle and elementary schools to a Pre-K – 6 configuration and middle schools to a 7/8 configuration as well as small learning communities at the high school level.  The Fremont Family Partnership (FFP) in collaboration with Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) and twelve core partners is a community school model that has a network of support that ensures that youth from the Fremont family of schools graduates from high school and fulfills their potential.

Spotlight on LD7 Schools

Principal:      Precious Robinson
Address:       419 West 98th Street  Los Angeles, CA 90003
Telephone:  (323) 756-1419

API:  780

Charles W. Barrett Elementary School is a K-5 elementary school where “Rigorous Teaching, Data Motivated Instruction and Student Success” is the motto.  Of the students in grades 3-5, 18% are part of the school’s Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE).  This unique program of highly motivated students and teachers is located in the south central area of Los Angeles, California.  It has been part of the Transformational Schools’ Program (formerly known as the Ten Schools Program) since its inception in 1987. The student population at Barrett Elementary School is made up of 65% Latino Americans and 35% African Americans.  Multicultural expressions are always encouraged as staff, students and parents ethnically dress throughout the school year to represent many nationalities as well as infusing culturally relevant strategies throughout the curriculum. 

Through the years, Barrett Elementary School has raised and maintained high academic standards and shown positive growth in the areas of Language Arts and Math.  In 2010, a growth of 23 points was made from students scoring Advanced and Proficient on the California Standards Test.   The school has two computer laboratories servicing students in grades 2 -5.  Students participate in rigorous arts education classes.  Barrett is one of seven schools chosen to participate in the two year partnership with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) which includes teaching artist workshops for all classes.  Curriculum materials and professional development sessions for all teachers as well as opportunities for families to participate in LACMA’s  Family Sunday program is free of charge.

Parents are part of a dynamic parent center on campus.  Enrichment programs such as the Math-a-Thon, Literacy Night, Math Night, The Spelling Bee, and The Houses Project take place yearly.  The highlights of the year include the Black History and Cinco de Mayo Festivals along with the fabulous Career Day Program.  The CST Awards Banquet and Honors Programs have enriched the academic program as well.  All of these activities have created a supportive learning environment where students are enthusiastic about being a  “Barrett Family” member. 

Barrett welcomes the Beyond the Bell After-School program on campus where students are permitted to remain after school until 6:00p.m. daily.  In this program students are assisted with homework and have many choices of extra-curricular activities.  After school tutoring is provided throughout the school year for students in grades K-5 who require specific intervention skills in Language Arts and Math.  Charles W. Barrett Elementary is an institution built around educating students while fostering a caring and loving environment for students and parents.  A sense of “Family” is what you will experience when you enter the hallways of Charles W. Barrett Elementary School.   


Principal:      Luis Heckmuller
Address:       1471 East 96th Street  Los Angeles, CA 90002
Telephone:  (323) 567-8871

API:  801

96th Street Elementary School is where children come first.  As reflected in the mission statement, the staff and school community are committed to maximizing the academic and social achievement of every child.  The thoughtful and dedicated staff achieves this goal by creating an environment that embraces a diverse community of learners and the unique nature of each individual.  At 96th Street Elementary School the home of the Eagles, the philosophy of success for all students is lived daily where everyone shares a strong work ethic and is focused on teaching and learning.  The educational program is a rigorous standards based program that promotes academic excellence.  The curriculum focuses on developing the problem solving skills and knowledge that students must have to succeed in this age of technology and information.  Students exit this school prepared for the academic and social challenges that lie ahead. 

The staff truly embraces the community of students that it serves.  This is evidenced by the longevity of the staff, their dedication, and hard work.  The culture of the staff is of support and respect.  The focus is on increased student achievement using researched-based instructional methods, progress monitoring and proven effective classroom practices through a collaborative model.

96th Street Elementary School proudly educates Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade students and offers a variety of enrichment, and recognition programs.  The school has two computer labs, a dynamic parent center and an after school program for parents who need care for their children.  Enrichment programs include art and music classes, Math and Literacy Nights, Spelling Bees, and Mathematics Facts Competitions.  Students receive recognition monthly through assemblies, awards, certificates, and notices to parents recognizing students for achieving excellence in the areas of attendance, behavior and academics.  The Eagles faculty and staff host an Annual Career Day, a Cinco de Mayo Festival, a Black History Program and other Holiday programs.

The Beyond the Bell After-School program is on campus daily to assist those parents who need extended care after school until 6:00p.m.  Students receive homework assistance, and opportunities to participate in arts, crafts, and sports.   


Principal:      Robin Benton
Address:       405 E 122nd St.Los Angeles, CA 90061
Telephone:  (323) 757-8117

API:  825

122nd StreetElementary provides rich and rigorous instruction for students in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade.  It is a shining star nestled within the heart of South Central Los Angeles.  The school maintains a proud tradition of excellence and the entire community works hard to provide a warm, safe and nurturing school environment.  School staff and faculty members embrace all children and value their rich culture.  122nd Street Elementary is a 2010 California Distinguished School. The student body consists of approximately 650 students: 18% African American, 81.9% Latino American and .1% Asian American.  Dedicated and committed teachers assist students in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in middle school and beyond.  Throughout the school day and after school hours, students are offered enrichment activities in the areas of art, music and academic intervention.  For parents who work, supervision is provided after school through the Beyond the Bell Program until 6:00pm daily.   

Many facilities around the campus have been upgraded included the Library, Computer Lab, Auditorium, Playground and all Student Restrooms.  The Parent Center has been overhauled in order for parents to feel welcomed and validated as contributors to their child’s education.  Workshops, trainings and a plethora of activities take place in the Parent Center which is manned by parent and community volunteers.  Community agencies such as Ann and Kirk Douglas, Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Michael Jordan Foundation are proud partners and have provided grants and incentives for both students and parents.  Each day during the morning assembly, students recite the following words:  “I believe in myself and in my ability to always do my best”.  The school is committed to maintaining high social and academic expectations for themselves, the students and the parents.  


Principal:      Coleen Kaiwi
Address:       6500 Hooper Avenue  Los Angeles, CA900
Telephone:  (323) 826-2500

API: 604   

Thomas Alva Edison is located in an incorporated part of Los Angeles County known as Florence-Firestone.  The school serves approximately 1200, 7th and 8th grade students.  Edison is supported by the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) grant which provides class size reduction ratios of 23:1 for 7th grade and 22:1 for 8th grade.  Over the past 3 years, Edison has exceeded the API (Academic Performance Index) growth target on the California Standards Test (CST).  Goal-setting and progress monitoring are an integral part of the school culture.  Students and teachers monitor diagnostic and periodic assessments as well as CST scores via student agenda planners.  The implementation of school-wide student-led conferences promotes the importance of critical thinking, reflection and student empowerment.  

The Edison faculty members and support staff are stable and vested as evidenced in the school’s increased CST scores and redesignation rates of the schools large English Learner population.  The recently released School Report Card is also evident that the Edison Family (parents, students, and staff) rank Edison on par or better than other schools in the District.  The parent group CADRE recognized Edison in 2010 for the implementation of the School-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan. In pushing the envelope to improve the campus climate and student engagement, Edison has embraced the Challenge Day program that helps young people learn to connect through powerful, life-changing events. In conjunction with Challenge Day activities Edison seeks on a consistent basis to increase self-esteem, help shift dangerous peer pressure to positive peer support and reduce the acceptability of teasing, oppression and all forms of violence.

Unique opportunities to train for the Los Angeles Marathon occur when the Running Team meets after school and on weekends. No previous experience necessary and you don’t even have to be fast to participate; just have a willingness to succeed. Edison boasts diverse opportunities for students to be engaged in activities that address the whole student through the Ambassadors program, Edison Chess Club, The Running Team, Weight Lifting Club, MESA, Reading Genius Book Club and the Science Club.

The school offers parent workshops through its Parent Center to assist parents with the academic and social development of their children.  Edison is a traditional calendar school with a block schedule which allows students to have a double-session of English and mathematics in addition to an elective.  School programs include AVID, music, student-leadership, peer mediation, industrial arts, and dance.  These programs allow students to be confident, visionaries and a catalyst for change.  Students have access to Smart Boards, MOBIs, and student MyMail accounts.  Edison collaborates with the All- Stars after school program which is available to students until 6:00p.m.daily.  This program offers an array of positive activities including homework assistance.


A Span School K - 12
Principal:      Yvonne G. Garrison
Address:       3751 S. Harvard BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018
Telephone:  (323) 373-2700

API:                657

Foshay Learning Center fosters a positive, humanistic, multi-cultural approach towards students, parents and staff characterized by academic excellence.  As a LEARN school, Foshay emphasizes the involvement of all stakeholder groups – staff, parents, students, community and business partners including the University of Southern California (USC).  Awards such as the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation Award, (awarded to only five teachers in the United States), as well as being recognized as one of America’s best high schools of 2010 in Newsweek Magazine (they are in the top 6%).  Foshay boasts a ranking of number 10 of all high schools in Los Angeles, number 60 of all high schools in California and number 442 of all schools on the list in the United States. (http://www.newsweek.com/feature/2010/americas). Foshay Learning Center has also shown their competitive nature by winning one of 26 awards in the 2010 FIRST Robotics Championship.  The 25 member team built and programmed a robot to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors and emerged victoriously when named winner of the Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories.  More then 1,800 teams of high school students from 12 countries and the United States competed in this robotics challenge.  Foshay Learning Center provides all students with the tools needed to succeed.

Foshay has the innovative Room 13 Project on campus which isa student managed & financed, sustainable, multi-media studio. It is part of Room 13 International which includes over 60 studios around the world. What happens in Room 13?

Make serious Art:
• Earned a $500 commission to create Carbon Neutral Sculptures as Prizes – the top 5 are now part of international corporate collections
• Won the AT&T award at the Pasadena Chalk Festival (the world’s biggest chalk festival)
• Donated art as part of a benefit gallery show on behalf of UNICEF’s TAP project (part of raising millions to provide clean water to Africa)
• R13 Foshay, L.A. artworks shown at the Hearts & Minds Exhibition at the Art Director’s Club of New York
• Major studio exhibition at the Downtown Art Walk at the Brewery Artist Colony
• Hosted two Foshay Family Art Days, and one TBWA Family Art day, where families and students came together to create art with local artists like Leo Limon, Ester Petchar and Cecilia Linayo
• Chor Boogie and Evolve did a demonstration and painted two of Room 13’s doors.
• Partnership with journalist Silva Sevlian, graduate of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication, to mentor Room 13
• Visited FILM ROMAN, the production center of THE SIMPSONS planning collaboration with Edwin Aguilar, from The Simpson’s, to create an animated short
• Artist/Community Activist Ernesto Yerena – Guest workshop
• Artist-in-Residence Timoi was one of the select twenty muralists for The Wall Project, an international art project celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall by painting parts of the fallen wall here in Los Angeles

Foshay was one of 17 Schools to receive over $30,000 worth of musical instruments from Fidelity Investments and participated in the Future stage opening event that had a nationwide live simulcast at the Disney Center.


Grades 6-8
Principal:      Veronique Wills
Address:       1700 W. 46th StreetLos Angeles, CA 90062
Telephone:  (323) 421-1700

API:  Open 2010

BarackObama Global Preparatory Academyis a newly built state of the art 6th-8th grade middle school of 1,400.  It is a 21st Century school where math and science are a priority and technology literacy is essential.  Students will enter high school prepared to succeed in college preparatory courses or be armed with the tools to enter an information-age career, ready to compete in the global economy.  Obama Global Prep has small academies of 400-500 students, flexible schedules which provide time for student intervention and enrichment, teacher development, and meaningful parent engagement.  Additionally, Obama Global Prep uses processes to support high achievement of students which include project-based learning for students, lesson design study for teachers, and the cycle of inquiry for parents and the community.  All stakeholders participate in school-based management and have a role in the decision-making process.

Obama Global Prep students focus on global studies, read, analyze and write at advanced levels, develop 21st Century technology skills, master diplomacy and conflict resolution skills and become well prepared for high school and college coursework.  Students also have an opportunity to enroll in the Dual Language program. 

The following community agencies have partnered with the school:  UCLA School Management Program (SMP), UCLA Institute for Non-Violence in LA and 77th Street LAPD Division.  Each organization will assist the school to carry out its vision and mission. 


A Span School K-12
Principal:      Laverne Brunt
Address:       822 West 32nd StreetLos Angeles, CA 90007
Telephone:  (213) 748-0126

API:  781

32nd StreetVisual and Performing Arts Magnet is a college preparatory Urban Magnet Span School located in South Los Angeles.  It is directly adjacent to the University of Southern California.  The school entertains a good relationship with community partners such as USC which enables students to utilize their facilities such as the library, and athletic field.  USC students and faculty act as mentors, student teachers, collaborators and tutors.  USC tutors offer assistance for those students in need of additional academic support in order to reach proficiency.  Students are also given the opportunity to attend workshops, field trips and other USC campus activities that support a college going culture.  Other agencies such as Joint Education Program (JEP), Junior Helenes, Teach for Los Angeles (TFLA), and Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) provide assistance to students in small group settings.

32nd StreetMagnet highly values the participation of parents in the education of their children.  The school offers parents many opportunities to get involved in the school’s activities.  These opportunities include the Booster Club, English Language Acquisition Committee (ELAC), Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA), and School Site Council (SSC).  These groups meet regularly to discuss issues related to student achievement.  

To connect with the students need to be college and career ready, 32nd Street Magnet schedules college tours throughout the year, and host an annual career day and college fair.  Students at the school also are able to become involved in numerous clubs and organizations.


Grades 9 – 12
Principal:      Juanita Rainey-Woods
Address:       1601 E. 120th St.Los Angeles, CA 90059
Telephone:  (323) 566-0420

API: 755

King-Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science, nestled between Watts and Compton, CA, is a college-preparatory program that emphasizes scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and effective communication in the context of a multidisciplinary curriculum.  Students are engaged in a rigorous program of mathematics, science, social studies, English language arts, and world languages, enhanced by the use of technology.  Students’ horizons are broadened by participating in experience based learning opportunities outside of school in hospitals, research laboratories and community clinics.  King-Drew Medical Magnet provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning that prepares students for leadership in the global community. 

King-Drew Medical Magnet is ranked in the top 6% of all high schools and is ranked 335 in the United States.  At the end of the 2010 school year, King-Drew Medical Magnet received the largest number of scholarships issued to members of the Class of 2010 which included six Gates Millennium Scholarships (more than any other LAUSD high school). King- Drew students have received over nine million dollars worth of merit based scholarships.  In 2008 and 2009, U.S. News and World Report ranked King-Drew Magnet High School as a Silver Medal Winner amongst America’s Best High Schools.  Along with its Career Program, students at King-Drew compete on sports, Robotics, and Debate teams as well as have opportunities to join a variety of clubs such as MESA, drama, and Mock Trials.  King-Drew is a high school that provides students with the challenge they need to be successful in school and beyond.   

King-Drew offers a comprehensive, college bound academic program which includes an array of Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  Students are provided a variety of extracurricular programs such as performing arts and dance as well as many student organizations, clubs and service groups.  Academic enrichment and personalized intensive interventions are also included in student offerings.  The staff and faculty believe that every student can and will learn and requires that all students follow college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement plan.